Our new Acura models are state-of-the-art machines, offering thousands of miles and years of driving enjoyment. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and car owners have the responsibility of learning about the many working parts under the hood. The Hall Acura Virginia Beach Service Team is here to help you stay informed about your vehicle, and one of the more common questions we hear about is battery corrosion.

Car batteries aren’t meant to last forever; it’s the unavoidable truth. Your car's battery is meant to power the starter and several other electrical components. No matter how well Acura models are built, the battery will wear out over time, and it could cause problems like corrosion. Battery corrosion forms for the following reasons:

  • Electrolyte Leaking from the Terminals
  • Overfilling the Battery
  • Overcharging the Battery
  • Atmospheric Chemical Reactions
  • Electro-Chemical Reactions in the Copper Clamps
  • Battery Age

Though you will eventually need to replace your battery, you can do more to protect your it, like ensuring that it stays dry as much as possible, never allowing it to completely drain, and using special battery-cleaning products. Keep an eye out for signs of trouble, like difficulty starting your engine as this could be a sign of issues with the battery or battery charging system.

Does your car seem hesitant on startup? Our Service Team can also help. Bring your vehicle in and you’ll receive the professional opinion of factory-certified technicians in our cutting-edge facility. You can simply drive up or easily schedule an appointment online. Happy driving!